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Are you hiring? 5 reasons why you should post a job on Golgi today
by Rose Kinsella
Posted 24 June '15

Recruiting good people is critical for your company’s success, and as a small startup ourselves, the Golgi Team knows how difficult and time-consuming it can be to find your next star hire. That’s why we’ve designed Golgi with the sole aim of maximising candidate quality and reducing CV and initial phone screen times for busy co-founders and HR managers.

1. Golgi is not just a jobs board, and definitely not a recruitment agency

We are developing a two-way platform for jobseekers to interact and learn from prospective employers, and for employers to reach out to jobseekers. We believe that 3rd parties are ill-placed to assess compatibility between candidates and employers.

Therefore we’re focusing on educating our jobseekers on how to communicate effectively with prospective employers and complete their due diligence, whilst giving employers the means to quickly search and filter for jobseekers with their desired experience skill sets so that they can spend more time on speaking with relevant candidates.

2. Golgi reaches into OBR’s brainy membership of 30k+

Members of the Oxbridge Biotech Roundtable (OBR) are committed to their mission of connecting academia and industry to move ideas forward. Posting on Golgi presents your vacancies and company brand to a global audience of self-selected, driven scientists, engineers, strategists, and more, drawn from the best academic institutes and companies in the world, mostly with 0-8 years of industry experience.

3. All basic Golgi job postings are free (limited offer)

We’re de-risking our value proposition to you by charging absolutely nothing for you to post your vacancies (for 60 days each) and have them shared via our social media channels. We know that there are many features that we can add and improve upon, and we want to hear what matters the most to you. There is no obligation to give feedback as we know you’re extremely busy, but if you receive a message from Rose or me (Sybil), we’d be ever so grateful if you could share your thoughts with us.

4. The Golgi Team can help to jazz up your job posts

After months of surveying and interviewing jobseekers in our community, we have a good grasp of what language excites talented people, or puts them off. Our members have told us that they’re seeking jobs with a clear mission and inspiring colleagues, where they can apply their years of training and experience to transform a product or service. Our goal is to make sure you find great candidates for your vacancies, so it’s completely free to ask us help rewrite your vacancies – email us today at

5. Golgi can augment the visibility of your vacancies across multiple networks with just one click

If you’re recruiting for urgent or critical role, we also offer premium job postings that are:

  • Highlighted at the top of listings and search results
  • Promoted twice per week to our global network via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Placed in prime location on the Golgi Homepage
  • Featured in our bimonthly newsletter to our 30k-strong community

Our data shows that premium posts receive at least 5x more views than basic posts. Again, if you have any other special requests, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line at

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