Novel antibody domains engineered for GI stability
Cambridge, United Kingdom
High Level Pitch

Our novel antibody platform will provide a portfolio of new and innovative functional food products to target gastrointestinal infectious and immune mediated diseases.

There has been an explosion of interest in foods that have additional physiological benefits.

VHsquared leverages the existing research and expertise at the  Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute to facilitate the development of products that function at the GI mucosal interface harnessing recent technological developments, including analysis of the microbiota and advances in mucosal immunology.

Conventional antibodies are degraded in the gut and therefore efficacy obtained from oral administration is limited. VHsquared uses domain antibodies that can be selected and engineered to resist degradation, are intrinsically very stable and are locally active in the gastrointestinal tract.

Products will offer advantages in terms of specificity, safety, efficacy, convenience and cost.