Engineering the Immune System to Combat Cancer
London, United Kingdom
High Level Pitch
We are building a leading biotechnology company focussed on the development and commercialisation of engineered T-cell therapies for haematological and solid tumours. Autolus has the ambition to be a leader of a revolution in medicine in which life-threatening diseases are treated by a patient’s own cells.

Autolus was founded on the work of Dr Martin Pule, an academic clinical haematologist and thought-leader in T-cell engineering. We are developing engineered Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CAR) T-cell products that can specifically and safely destroy malignant cells and provide long-term protection from that malignancy.

Recent clinical trials of CAR T-cells for haematological malignancies suggest that this approach has the potential to transform cancer therapy. Realisation of that potential will require innovative technologies to program the properties of T-cells to increase efficacy and safety, and to access tumour types which are not addressable with the current generation of CAR T-cell technology.

Autolus is a next-generation engineered T-cell company, developing a series of CAR T-cell products based on our proprietary targets, constructs and technologies.
Why work for us
At Autolus, you will enjoy a flexible and dynamic working environment that fosters creativity, leadership and teamwork. We offer benefits that include:

- competitive salary
- employee stock option plans
- pension scheme and other benefits
There are no vacancies at this company at the moment.