Caribou Biosciences
Engineering any genome, at any site, in any way.
Berkeley, CA, United States
High Level Pitch
Caribou Bio was founded in 2011 by Jennifer Doudna, Rachel Haurwitz, Martin Jinek and James Berger, born out of research carried out in the Doudna Lab at the University of California, Berkeley. Key research programs at Caribou focus on further development of Cas9 and CRISPR technologies with improved genome engineering activity. Our mission is to enable any genome to be modified at any site in any way.

Caribou Bio forms strategic alliances with companies in the research, therapeutics, agriculture, and industrial bio fields. We provide our partners and customers with technology-based solutions for new and improved products.

Caribou's technologies mark a revolutionary development that allows scientists to engineer nearly any part of any genome with extreme flexibility. Forbes Magazine has called Cas9 the protein that "could change biotech forever" and the New York Times has noted that "the pace of new discoveries and applications is dizzying." Our tools and technologies provide transformative capabilities to basic and applied biological research, therapeutic development, agricultural biotechnology, and industrial biotechnology.