Help us launch curative chemotherapy
Munich, Germany
< 10 Employees
High Level Pitch
CytoSwitch is a biotech which is going to change the way we demand curative chemotherapy; and we are going to need your business/financial or cell biology skills to get there.

CytoSwitch aims to launch a first-in-class chemotherapeutic drug, Photostatin, while in parallel we will market a range of unique, high-precision compounds for research use. You can read more about the science of our light-targeted 1st generation compound in the top-tier academic journal Cell (July 2015 issue). We cover the chemistry and basic biology of these and the next generations of compounds; YOU will help us proof them and bring these directly onto the market (research compounds) and/or into preclinical trials (chemo candidate), ensuring we stay on track and in the black, and don't get overtaken by some soulless big pharma company.

We will found in 2016, and we will be based in Munich where we are securing lab and office space. We are aiming to secure a €500k nondilutive government biomedical startup grant, which can provide your full-time or part-time salary for 2-2.5 years, depending on your engagement and our workload. Our unique, patented technology is both years ahead of the field and generating huge buzz both among users (researchers) and investors: we have several contacts already with business angels and VCs in the area who seek biomedical investment opportunities to continue our run after the grant period. So, to complete our team, we want one business/management team member and we are considering applications also from an experience cell biologist, to make CytoSwitch a reality. You are going to stay with us at least on the medium term, at least half-time over the initial 24-30 months.

Our passion for this work, this company and these tantalising therapeutics is burning hot, and together, we can do this. Join us to make it happen.
Why work for us
- Without you on our team, we won't get started, since we wouldn't have the expertise to complete the work. Fix that!
- With you, we are going to lead a market that no-one realised existed, and launch the next generation of blockbuster targeted chemotherapy drugs that save lives around the world.
- Step up, take the challenge, make it happen. Five, ten years down the track you are going to be "the one who got CytoSwitch out of the basement and into the big league".

CytoSwitch is the perfect choice for you:
- If you're passionate about saving lives
- If you thrive in a high-pressure environment
- If you are high level or fluent in both German and English (essential!)
- If you seek the excitement of a startup role - (that is, no fixed job description, no concrete calendar, and of course no 9-5 hours)
- If you can see why we and our investor/customer contacts are thrilled about our precision chemotherapeutics!

We'd especially love to hear from you if:
- You have any bonus experience within/near the pharma industry
- If you believe in our company mission, and you've some of the CytoSwitch buzz already (e.g.

Our Team:
- Dr Oliver Thorn-Seshold (molecular design, chemistry, basic cell bio)
- Experienced Cell Biologist / Chemical Biologist (basic cell bio, complex cell bio): applicants already under review, but contact us if you feel you are an exceptional candidate
- Part-time / full time Business / Management / Financial officer: WANTED
- Part-time / full time Biologist (complex cell bio, pharma/animal study liaison): WANTED