Desktop Genetics
Premier Software for Genome Editing
London, United Kingdom
10 - 50 Employees
High Level Pitch

We develop technologies at the intersection of biotechnology, software and laboratory automation.

We are a team of geneticists, molecular biologists, engineers and computer scientists. Together, we've developed the DESKGEN platform, an intuitive and powerful system that supports the next generation of biological research: genome editing.

This platform helps scientists be more efficient in the lab by optimising the design, construction, management, and purchase of the DNA, reagents and services important in gene editing and molecular biology. Through our platform, we aim to enable “literal Desktop Genetics”, a process that researchers can use to design CRISPR gene editing experiments, purchase reagents and find commercial entities to execute those experiments - and obtain results - without them having their own specialist laboratories. To this end, we are partnering with several leading suppliers and third party vendors to offer research tools and custom CRISPR libraries for on-demand cell line engineering.

Why work for us
  • To work with a fantastic team of smart and driven people;
  • To work in an an exciting field changing the face of modern biotechnology;
  • To gain exposure across multiple business functions;
  • To learn;
  • To contribute in a meaningful way;
  • To wake up every day excited to work;
  • To feel proud and rewarded for your hard work.