Developing a potentially sight restoring therapy for a rare degenerative disease causing blindness known as Choroideremia
London, United Kingdom
High Level Pitch
Beyond Choroideremia we will utilise our gene therapy expertise to bring to market therapies that treat sight threatening retinal diseases.

Choroideremia is a form of inherited blindness that affects 1 in 50,000 people. This disease is caused by a faulty gene which results in degeneration of the light-sensing retinal cells at the back of the eye. NightstaRx is developing a way of delivering a working copy of the faulty gene to potentially prevent further loss of sight and to restore the vision of our patients.
Why work for us
Our team includes world leaders in the retinal field with strong, clinical, surgical and technical expertise as well as commercial experience. It is augmented with executives with a deep understanding of viral product manufacture and the high quality demanded by international regulators.