Oxford BioTherapeutics
Targeting Unmet Needs in Cancer with Antibody-Drug Conjugates.
Oxford, United Kingdom
High Level Pitch
Oxford BioTherapeutics is an international biotechnology company focused on developing innovative antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) to treat cancer. This new treatment approach combines a number of technologies to target cancer cells with potent cell-killing agents. Our OGAP® target discovery system – the largest of its type in the world – ‘unlocks’ the power of ADCs by providing a unique range of validated, novel antigen targets identified from a wide range of cancer types.

Through our collaborations with other leading companies in the field, such as Seattle Genetics, ImmunoGen, Medarex and Amgen, we can use the optimal combination of technologies to develop successful ADCs.

We are now advancing our portfolio of treatments into clinical testing with our development partner Menarini. In addition to this in-house ADC development, we also work with pharmaceutical companies to provide our target discovery expertise as the foundation for new cancer therapies.