Perspectum Diagnostics
Global experts in diagnostic medicine, medical physics and image analysis
Oxford, United Kingdom
10 - 50 Employees
High Level Pitch

Perspectum Diagnostics Ltd is a company that has spun out from Oxford University initially to commercialise a new technique for diagnosing and staging liver disease.   The methods revolve around the use of quantitative MRI methods in combination with image analysis techniques to enable a comprehensive evaluation of the state of the liver.  These methods have been validated in patients and Perspectum are further fine-tuning the acquisition and analysis so that it can be rolled out as a commercial product to the radiology market.  Perspectum is a newly formed company that is well financed in order to support the development of these methods.

Perspectum's initial focus - liver disease - already affects over 10% of the UK population and 15% of the US population. A fundamental challenge is that liver disease generally does not cause symptoms until tissue damage is severe and irreversible: for this reason it has been called ‘the silent killer’. To date, the only accurate way to diagnose liver disease is with a needle biopsy. This is costly, often painful and has a significant risk of bleeding and a 0.1% risk of death. It is also often inaccurate due to sampling errors and many doctors and patients avoid liver biopsies because the risk seems to outweigh the benefits. Perspectum's image analysis technology offers a non-invasive, accurate assessment that can replace many liver biopsies by providing detailed information on tissue characteristics as well as architectural changes, thereby enabling a much more rapid and accurate diagnosis of liver disease than is possible with current blood and ultrasound tests.

Why work for us

 Perspectum have offices in the centre of Oxford. This is a small, ambitious company that would give an excellent commercial insight to a scientist from the academic segment. The company is rapidly expanding, and the opportunity for future growth and development from scientific positions into other more business oriented roles within the company are considerable.

We offer a competitive salary, pension contribution and 28 days holiday per year (including public holidays).

Oxford is an exciting city to live and work in, and the company has close associations with both the University and the John Radcliffe Hospital, both of whom are stakeholders, and with leading hepatologists worldwide, who are involved in clinical trials of LiverMultiScan, our flagship product.