Sanwa BioTech Limited
POC Rapid Diagnostic Platform
Hong Kong, China
High Level Pitch
ALiA is a rapid and portable rapid diagnostic platform with integrated microfluidic biochips (Lab-On-Chips) technology. Only a single drop of blood/serum sample is needed for this this immunoassay based in vitro diagnostic platform to deliver an end to end solution from sample to result in less than 15 minutes. Drastic reduction in turnaround time from sample to result in this integrated smart system combined with mobile portability revolutionize current laboratory process.

Initial pipeline – infectious diseases screening – performs diagnostic screening results of emergent (avian, swine, human influenza A) influenza antibody/antigens compared to conventional ELISA kits of 2-24 hours, future pipelines include rapid diagnostic kits for livestock and veterinary health (surveillance/diagnosis), rapid response to emerging diseases outbreak, private clinical test and emergency triage. highly specific with multiplex capabilities.
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