Golgi is the world’s first online platform dedicated to connecting startups and SMEs at the bleeding edge of the healthcare and life sciences industries with exceptional candidates, hailing from industry and the world’s leading academic institutions.

Golgi was created by the Oxbridge Biotech Roundtable in early 2015, born out of the clear need we saw on both sides of the ecosystem: 

Talented, Enthusiastic Jobseekers
  • Many of the jobseekers in OBR’s 30,000-strong network believe (as do we) that startups and SMEs make a fantastic career choice – not least because you’ll be owning your role and developing a broad skillset, all whilst being part of a talented, passionate team driving forward something that’s never been done before.
  • However, despite the fact that many exceptional jobseekers possess great enthusiasm for these roles, they do not know where to find them – and many also lack a robust understanding of the hiring process, the startup environment, or the life sciences ecosystem in general.

Pioneering Companies

  • It’s no secret that assembling the right team is crucial for a company’s success – after all, no company (however great its product) can grow faster than it can find enough of the right people to implement that growth. 
  • However, many startups have trouble bringing the right people into their teams – often because they lack the time or resources or knowledge on how to successfully establish their company,  reach the right candidates, assess potential hires, and of course ensure they make the best use of them once they are onboard.

Golgi’s Mission

Golgi’s mission is thus to address the challenges faced by both of these parties. We aim to leverage OBR’s vast global network and deep industry reach in order to become the hub for startup and SME careers in healthcare and the life sciences – by offering exciting job opportunities, outstanding candidates, expert advice and more.

The Golgi platform consists of:

  • The Golgi Board, which enables startups to instantly make their positions available to the entirety of OBR’s vast global member-base.
  • Golgi Select (coming soon) – via which startups can search and browse candidates by skillset, work experience and more, ‘cherry-pick’ those who precisely suit their needs, and directly invite them to apply to their vacancies.
  • The Golgi Blog (coming soon) - where we provide both jobseekers and startups with timely information and sound advice drawn from leading experts across the life sciences ecosystem (and beyond). 

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